Minimize the time and optimize the cost of calculating commissions: scale commission calculator

If a company’s management hasn’t sat down to calculate commissions, then they are people of fortunate fortune. Such calculations are not only complicated purely technically, but also cause a lot of distortion and dissatisfaction. For some, it is the small number of surcharges. And for others – too high costs. The first category of “complainers” are employees who work and live mostly on commissions. And the second – the company owner, who can assess the effectiveness of employees’ work in his own way and does not want to overpay. Balancing interests of employees, management and owners on a parity basis is quite simple. To do this, you can use the commission calculation automation offered by various business services. Here is one example – But we will talk not so much about the technical side of the issue and the technology of implementing such calculations, as about how beneficial it is for the company and why the introduction of such systems pays off literally immediately.

How will the introduction of such calculations help the company’s work and profit?

Such a calculation of commissions benefits primarily the employees of the company and nothing but social justice, it is not motivated. But everything is much more complicated and deeper. For a company, the implementation of a project to use automated calculation of commissions will bring at least three additional options:

  • freeing managers and accountants from the unproductive and routine tasks of calculating payments, orienting their work toward new tasks and improving the company’s efficiency;
  • obtaining new stimuli for the work of both management and rank-and-file employees;
  • ability to obtain analytical information on the quality of the work of employees, making administrative and organizational decisions on improving the efficiency of their work and the distribution of responsibilities according to qualifications and skills.

But these are not all positive consequences of automation of commission calculation. If you implement constant calculation of commissions and informing employees about them via confidential communication channels, you can create a “warming up” effect of performance. That is, the employee will see each of his achievements, which he considers more significant than those of other employees. Thus, he will be even more stimulated to realize new horizons of efficiency and bring more money both to the company and to himself.

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