2 Tips to Follow When Designing a Website for New Business

  1. Simplify the navigation

When considering web design, always look at it from a user’s perspective. Most of them don’t stay longer on a page when it is challenging for them to use. And for the same, you must hire web design Singapore experts or go DIY by designing a website in such a way that it becomes easy for the users to navigate despite the amount of content. In this way, you can gain more traffic in a reasonable time. This can be done by adding a maximum of seven items in your main menu and ensure that users can access the page within three clicks or less, and always be descriptive with your links and labels.

  1. Create easily readable web content

The good website design must not only fulfil the design attribute but sometimes the creation of web content and its readable nature as well. Readability means that people can identify and recognize words and phrases. Hence, if your website is highly readable, it means that your users will get the information quickly and easily, and in turn, they’ll stay on your website for a longer time. For more tips, visit the website.

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